15/03/2024 Impressive development by Wärtsilä at the Sharjah Maritime Academy

Cutting-edge simulator technology underscores Sharjah Maritime Academy UAE commitment to advancing maritime education and training. By offering a comprehensive suite of simulators, including navigation, engineering, communications, and Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), they’re equipping students and professionals with the skills needed to navigate today’s maritime industry effectively.

The inclusion of full mission navigational bridge simulators with 360-degree visualization and state-of-the-art offshore specific bridge systems demonstrates a dedication to providing a realistic training environment. Additionally, the integration of Wärtsilä’s new simulation bridge equipment configuration sets a high standard for digital navigation operational excellence.

The introduction of the world’s first commercial maritime mixed reality chromakey vessel handling application further enhances the learning experience by offering immersive training scenarios. This innovation aligns with Wärtsilä’s broader goal of driving the shipping industry towards a decarbonized and sustainable future through advanced technologies and training methodologies.

Wärtsilä Marine’s commitment to supporting the development of new training standards and methodologies highlights their role as a leader in the maritime industry’s digital and decarbonization transformation. Their broad portfolio of solutions, including engines, propulsion systems, hybrid technology, exhaust treatment, and digital technologies, underscores their holistic approach to advancing maritime sustainability and efficiency.

Overall, this collaboration between Wärtsilä and the Sharjah Maritime Academy signifies a significant step forward in shaping the future of maritime education and training while promoting sustainability and innovation within the industry.

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