19/01/2024 Sallaum Lines invites you to visit the new innovative website

Sallaum Lines, our reputable partners, are a global ocean transportation company specializing in reliable RORO cargo shipping solutions across a diverse range of cargo. Their state-of-the-art Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) vessels are intricately designed to accommodate a variety of shipments, including automobiles, trucks, heavy equipment, and project cargo. With an extensive global network of ports and terminals, Sallaum Lines ensures the smooth and efficient transport of cargo to destinations worldwide.

The recent launch of their innovative website marks a significant advancement in shipping capabilities. Positioned as the “Next Level of Shipping,” the website pledges a seamless interface and unparalleled efficiency in logistics management. Sallaum Lines aims to simplify the shipping process, enhance reliability, and drive businesses forward with this user-friendly experience.

In a LinkedIn post, Sallaum Lines shared, “Welcome to the Next Level of Shipping: Our innovative website is now live, offering you a seamless interface and unparalleled efficiency in managing your logistics. Dive into a user-friendly experience that simplifies your shipping process, enhances reliability, and propels your business forward. Discover the difference at https://sallaumlines.com– where every click moves you ahead.”

The fleet, owned and chartered by Sallaum Lines, is specifically designed to handle a diverse mix of vehicles and High/Heavy cargo. Comprising modern Pure Car & Truck Carrier (PCTC) vessels with an average capacity exceeding 7500 RT, the fleet exemplifies the company’s dedication to efficient and secure cargo transportation.

Currently, Sallaum Lines’ fleet operates on shipping routes connecting Europe and the USA with North, West, South Africa, and Mediterranean destinations. Future plans involve expanding to cover multiple new global routes in response to customer demands and previous requests.


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